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About Susana

Susana Leon Krieger is in the business of making sure you are protected.  She has been part of the Insurance industry for over 20 years, where she has led management positions that, in addition, have been focused on training, coaching and mentoring new agents. 


Throughout her extensive experience, she started noticing that selling insurance needed to include a preventive approach towards one's own health and therefore, one's financial stability.  Acting upon her passion, she is in the process of getting certified through the Professional Program in Health Advocacy at UC Berkley. 


Because of the complexities and dynamics of the healthcare system, the need to be informed about a preventive approach to one's health is now on the forefront position when strategizing about the protection of your loved ones.  


The combination of her experience as an insurance representative through Mutual of Omaha, along with her health care advocacy perspective is what makes her an ideal resource when planning out your financial future; starting with our health, and ending with ways to protect your family should anything unexpected happen during the process -- anywhere from critical illness and disability, to health insurance and protecting your legacy through a life insurance policy.


Thus the idea of the "Let's talk about you" blog; an additional resource to considerwhen making a decision about insuring your future.  By knowing, sharing, caring and protecting we make sure we can make the right decision, at the right time and at the right cost.


Known as a pillar of her community, Susana L. Krieger has played a crucial role in health advocacy.  She has been involved in the National Epilepsy Foundation, the Center for the Blind, Mana de San Diego, the San Diego Salary Setting Commission and is co-founder of the San Diego Chapter of the Latina Golf Association.





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Critical Illness 


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