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Let’s talk about the hard conversation: our health and financial protection during COVID.

By now you have probably heard by now about the $1.1 million amount due a recovering COVID patient just got – it was 181 pages long. Thankfully he was insured. We are, however, entering a new, uncharted territory: the long lasting effects of COVID and the costs associated with our health.

Are you prepared?

Recent reports show that insurance companies have changed their underwriting policies. For example, while questions regarding international travel had routinely been about visiting countries that represented a higher risk – meaning access to healthcare should an unforeseen event happen-- the industry is shifting its focus on risks specific to COVID exposure. Life insurance products are also changing for the population over 60.

“I see the effects of preparedness – or the lack thereof-- among issues arising as a consequence of COVID,” comments Susana Leon Krieger, a broker for the major insurance carriers of the country. “The bottom line is that our health will always be tied to our financial well-being. And while we may not always be able to control unforeseen events that affect our health, having a plan is what matters.”

Building your health and financial security strategy one step at a time.

One of the questions she often gets is related to financial security when it comes to one’s health and our aging. What DOES a balanced strategy really look like?

There are a couple of items that need to be discussed prior to building a sound strategy to protect yourself. With so many options in the market, approaching these issues honestly will determine the best strategy for you:

Your health: Your family’s health history (diseases that might be inherited) and your lifestyle health patterns (healthy eating, exercising & not smoking) need to be taken into consideration when planning a strategy. Your budget: How much can you allocate per month, including premium increases over time?

Approaching your health and financial well-being is very similar to building blocks, where you choose the components of a strategy based on YOUR needs and personal circumstances. May I suggest we revisit the alternatives? Contact me today!

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