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A blog about knowing about our health, caring for our loved ones by sharing illness prevention information, and protecting the future of our families. 

Long term care in numbers: the side of the coin you need to consider when planning for retirement.

If you are in your 50’s, 60’s and beyond, this information is for you! It is clear that one of the major challenges when planning for retirement is related to long term care. A recent study conducted by LIMRA ((Life Insurance Market Research Association) indicates that “pre-retirees are clearly more concerned about some risks as opposed to others; public policy (and how it affects retirement), and healthcare-related costs tend to worry pre-retirees the most.” My recommendation is to include the care side of the equation while planning for retirement as early as you can, taking into consideration those aspects --such as your lifestyle -- and the role your health (or lack thereof) will affect

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Meet Susana

Susana Leon Krieger is in the business of making sure you are protected.  Throughout her extensive experience, she started noticing that selling insurance needed to include a preventive approach towards our own health and therefore, our financial stability.
Thus the idea of the "Let's talk about you" blog --as an additional resource to considerwhen making a decision about our future. By knowing, sharing, caring and protecting we make sure we can make the right decision, at the right time and at the right cost.

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