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A blog about knowing about our health, caring for our loved ones by sharing illness prevention information, and protecting the future of our families. 

When is it time to think about long term care? What should I look for in a long term care policy?

It is never too late to think about long term care, although you probably will not be thinking about it at thirty! There are, however, several things to research before purchasing a long term care policy. When IS the right time to consider a long term care policy? When you think it is. Typically, one can tell by 50 what the rest of life looks like –health and family wise, and most important, financially. Only you can determine if a long term care health insurance is right for you. On average, it is recommended that you look into long term care while you are still young –and for those thinking that 55 isn’t young, think again! It is probably a time when the kids’ college is mostly paid f

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Meet Susana

Susana Leon Krieger is in the business of making sure you are protected.  Throughout her extensive experience, she started noticing that selling insurance needed to include a preventive approach towards our own health and therefore, our financial stability.
Thus the idea of the "Let's talk about you" blog --as an additional resource to considerwhen making a decision about our future. By knowing, sharing, caring and protecting we make sure we can make the right decision, at the right time and at the right cost.

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