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Empowering Individuals to make the right decision, at the right time, at the right cost. 

Let's talk about YOU! 

A blog about knowing about our health, caring for our loved ones by sharing illness prevention information, and protecting the future of our families. 

Let's talk... about long term care.

An insurance expert has all the answers on why long term should be part of your financial strategy. So you think you don’t need long term care? You’re not the only one. If after reading this article your opinion on long term care insurance has changed, let me know! I am here to answer any questions you might have. Making the case for long term care: What is it and why is it important? You are following the rules in the book of life: study, work, marry, form a family, start your retirement planning early, protect your family financially, send your kids to college...check. But then an unexpected event turns your independent lifestyle into a dependent one. You can no longer take care of your

Surprise! Hidden costs in your hospital bill... Are you prepared?

100,000 reasons to understand the limits of your health insurance. Due diligence is the name of the game! From NBC News, this piece couldn’t be more on point. Turns out this patient got billed $100,000 dollars even after she had talked to her health and insurance providers. Tons of resources indicate the need to conduct extensive research should you need a surgical procedure. The term ‘due diligence’ will also mean peace of mind. Make sure everyone participating in your health and wellbeing is in your health insurer network. You’ll be surprised how many patients end up getting care from a facility or a doctor who is not included in your network of providers. In this case, the anesthesi

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Meet Susana

Susana Leon Krieger is in the business of making sure you are protected.  Throughout her extensive experience, she started noticing that selling insurance needed to include a preventive approach towards our own health and therefore, our financial stability.
Thus the idea of the "Let's talk about you" blog --as an additional resource to considerwhen making a decision about our future. By knowing, sharing, caring and protecting we make sure we can make the right decision, at the right time and at the right cost.

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