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Alzheimer's and your health: understanding the facts to make the right decision.

It is often thought that Alzheimer's disease is indiscriminate of age, race and gender. Recent research, however, is showing that more women are diagnosed with the disease than men. According to the Alzheimer's Association, Alzheimer's Disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the US. Although there is no cure, the latest research focused on identifying, understanding and, ultimately proposing new ways of treatment and management, provide encouraging results. As of November, 2018:

Researchers at the Boston School of Medicine are formulating a new model of the anatomy of the disease.

  • Close collaborations between researchers at the EPFL (ÉCOLE POLYTECHNIQUE FÉDÉRALE DE LAUSANNE) and Rockefeller University have led to the discovery of a new toxic protein that affects the brain; providing an insight on how it ultimately attacks healthy neurons in brain tissue.

  • Scientists at the University of Twente have developed new optical technology that allows patients to visualize the disease.

  • Researchers at Purdue University are finding new ways to diagnose Alzheimer's disease based on the identification of biomarkers that detect high concentrations of proteins from a small blood sample; making the diagnosis process more efficient.

  • Continuous efforts at the Allen Institute for Brain Science to fully understand the pathology of Alzheimer's Disease and other cognitive disorders --such as dementia-- and how it relates to the aging brain, creates an atlterative approach to manage the disease.

By dissecting every aspect of Alzheimer's disease, researchers can inch towards creating new ways to treat and manage this devastating illness. It all starts with learning about the basics.

From my Friends at the Howell Foundation, and in support of Alzheimer's awareness month, a summary of the most relevant statistics below.

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